About the Image and SDK for RSB-3810


When will the Yocto or Ubuntu images for RSB-3810 and the Wiki for building the development environment be released?
RSB-3810 has officially supported Ubuntu in May 2023, so an image should already exist.

I have already found Android images on dropbox.

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Hi @Tetsuya_Kawahara,

Thank you for reaching out. We appreciate your interest in our RSB-3810 product and OS support.
Our Ubuntu support is a collaborative effort with Canonical. Regarding the OS image file and Ubuntu licensing policy, we will be reaching out to you via email to provide you with further details. Thank you for your inquiry.

Hi @nathan.wang
When can you send me the email?
Do you have any information about yocto, it is also officially supported.

Hi @Tetsuya_Kawahara ,

For RSB-3810, we only support Ubuntu and Android. Yocto BSP is still under evaluation.

Our colleague from our Japan office will be in touch with you next week for Ubuntu request. Please share your project information with them. Thank you and have a nice weekend.

Hi, @nathan.wang
I received the email from your colleague. Thank you.
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Thank you for confirming the receipt of the email from my colleague. I appreciate the update.
I look forward to having more opportunities to collaborate with you.


I am also interested in the UBUNTU image for the RSB-3810 board. Please can you share details on how to receive it.


HI @umair_hashim ,

if you still have any problem, please let us know. thanks.

The Detail information:
RSB-3810 - ESS-WIKI.

Data sheet :

Hi Phill,

Thanks for sharing the details but on this page I cant find a link to download the Ubuntu SW image for the RSB-3810.

Please can you share the ubuntu22 image with me.

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HI @umair_hashim ,

We can not relese the Ubuntu image, because, the Ubuntu image inculde Ubuntu licence.
But , RSB-3810 came bundled with Ubuntu image , so if you ordered the RSB-3810 with Ubuntu , we will help to pre-installl Ubuntu image into device. thanks.