Building a Powerful, Energy Efficient, i.MX 8ULP Applications Processor Partner Ecosystem

Innovation. Evolution. Revolution. These are hallmarks of technological advancements that deliver more powerful devices, however, the pursuit of power often comes with the burden of energy consumption. With the i.MX 8ULP applications processor, engineers are conquering this challenge to enable more power from smaller geometries, while delivering incredible energy-efficiency for next-generation edge devices. This latest ultra-low power microprocessor from NXP is now available for embedded design engineers.

i.MX 8ULP: Secure, Ultra-Low-Power and Energy Efficient

The design began with a vision to address an ever-growing demand for energy-efficient hardware that maintains its prowess in an increasingly interconnected world. We were determined to revolutionize power consumption and the heterogeneous and flex domain architecture while still delivering rich 3D graphics, digital signal processing and enabling diverse usage models across the edge computing continuum. The i.MX 8ULP processor is based on delivering security with the Edgelock® secure enclave, expandability with USB 2.0, 10/100 Ethernet, MIPI CSI for vision and both MIPI DSI and an EPD controller to enable both an LCD or E-Ink display. This combination of power modes and flexibility refines what an applications processor can enable. When combined with the cornerstones of security and expandability, these factors make the i.MX 8ULP processor applicable to rapidly expanding industrial and IoT segments.

NXP Powers Smart Home and Medical Devices in Partnership

With this range of features, the i.MX 8ULP processor is suitable for an array of industrial usage models from portable to remote locations where low-power, 3D graphics and flexibility are key. NXP is working with key embedded board-design partners to enable choice and flexibility in terms of both design and geographical location. This partnership enables customers to not only evaluate the i.MX 8ULP processor, but to also have a path toward production and lifecycle management. The Advantech ROM-2620 is a small form factor SOM in the OSM format, which enables direct soldering to a carrier board — an essential requirement for high-vibration and rugged devices. Avnet offer two development boards, the MSC SM2S-IMX8ULP (in the SMARC form factor) and the MAAXBoard 8ULP development kit (with a Raspberry Pi form factor carrier board designed to kick start development projects) and a compact SOM that can be taken directly into production.

Begin designing with Advantech OSM Computer-on-Modules now. Visit Advantech OSM Webiste to learn more.

Realizing that small form factor SOMs enable the i.MX 8ULP processor to be used in a range of energy sensitive applications (such as smart home, handheld battery-operated, medical and robotics devices), Engicam’s MicroGEA MX8ULP and F&S SolderCore8ULP offer a precisely engineered, production-ready, SOM with carrier boards for development and kits with both small form factor TFT displays and up to 10” E-Ink panels. The F&S SolderCore SOM formfactor highlights the i.MX 8ULP processor’s low-power capability with direct EPD driving, a great solution architecture for energy sensitive applications in the smart home, portable medical and robotics markets.

The Laird Nitrogen8ULP, another small form SOM, has a carrier board with an M.2 connector for easy integration with Laird’s portfolio of low-power Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules in the M.2 2230 form factor. This enables quick prototyping and integration into existing networked environments.

i.MX 8ULP Enables Machine Learning with DSP Cores

The i.MX 8ULP processor enables a wide range of innovative edge devices with low-power states for long operations, rich graphics (see the innovative UI developed by Altia) and machine learning models that run efficiently on its DSP cores. Together, and with the support of our partners’ available development kits, we are turning possibilities into reality. To start your development on the i.MX8 ULP now, click on any of the partner links above and become part of the smart secure connected edge revolution.