[OS Image Release VD0031] Yocto 4.2 on ROM-2820 with NXP i.MX 93

What’s new:

  1. Yocto 4.2 BSP
  2. Kernel Version 6.1.36_2.1.0
  3. U-Boot Version v2023.04_6.1.36_2.1.0
  4. ROM-2820 Function Test Pass (2G RAM)
  5. Support ROM-2820 A1 Board

Know issue:

Support ROM-2820 EVT version Platform.
Support wifi module NXP IW-612 Chip.

Hello Clayder,

Do you know if there are some “design guide” for this imx93 OSM module ? basically I would like to know what are the pins of the imx93 that are wired to the OSM interface.
like which i2c, spi, gpio, pdm of the imx93 are wired to the OSM interface.


Hello @Chih-Chung_Hsieh
After our AE Team alpha test, AE @phill.liu will update the information in the User Manual.

Hi Clayder, We loaned a ROM-2820 +eval board, our customer is pushing us to get more informations. Do you have any information about User Manuel update, final specification and all informations. Thanks

These informations are still under construction to be reviewed and public. If you have the urgent request, please contact our regional team to get the related materials