ROM-5721 OS Supported

Was looking for support of Linux-ubuntu on the SMARC ROM-5721 module. Can you please suggest.

HI Sir/Miss ,

As the NXP has not passed the Ubuntu Certification and licensing, we do not recommend using the Ubuntu image. These images are intended solely for demonstration purposes, and in the event of any issues, we cannot provide support or fixes.

Our officially released image is based on the Yocto OS, and the Yocto BSP has been released by NXP. Therefore, we strongly recommend using the Yocto OS on this device for optimal performance and support.

If you must to use the Linux-Ubuntu , you can consider the RSB-3810, the deivce is shipped wiht mediaTek Genio 1200 and in partnership with Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, Advantech enhances enterprise-grade Ubuntu support and provides pre-loaded and certified services.