ROM5722 Windows 10 on ARM

Hi, I have a ROM5722 and a SOM-DB2500.
I am trying to install Windows 10 IoT Enterprise on ARM
following this guide, [How-to Article] Start Using Windows 10 IoT Enterprise Using the Advantech ROM-5722 — An Arm-based SMARC 2.1 Computer-on-Module with NXP i.MX 8M Plus

I can’t get 3.3V on the LVDS connector (LVDS1 Connector)
I have set the jumpers according to SOM-DB2500_User_Manual_Ed.3_FINAL.pdf

From the design doc SOM-DB2500_A101-3_20191007%20.pdf I can see that LVDS VDD has to be enabled by software.
More specifically the ROM5722 needs to assert LCD0_VDD_EN_1.8 from its pin LCD0_VDD_EN

• So how to I enable the LVDS VDD enable signal.

Is this a bootloader / firmware problem ?

Another possibility is to install via HDMI - however

The latest version of Windows 10 IoT Enterprise for ARM64 is V3, more specifically ROM5722A1AIM20WIV0003.
This does not support native HDMI
I can see that you have released V4 (WIV0004) for RSB3720 more specifically RSB3720A1AIM20WIV0004
Which in the release notes states 2.Native HDMI

When will you release Windows 10 V4 for ROM5722 and compatible firmware etc.


LVDS needs extra effort to porting on the BSP so the image we provided now are not implement the LVDS support. Could you provide the information about which LVDS would like to use?
For ROM-5722 support native HDMI display, will check the schedule internally and get back the result later.

This states that HDMI is not supported

Know issue:

  1. Native HDMI doesn’t work now and it will be added to the Windows 10 IoT Enterprise. BSP by NXP soon.

the windows release v0003 is the only one available for 5722.

@Jems_Cheng Any progress on this ?


After checking the status internally, the upgrade requires additional R&D resources, so only the demo version is provided for customer reference. The ROM-5722 WIV0004(W1.3.0) version will not be released if there is no actual customer demand.
The W1.3.0 version has been released for RSB-3720. Is it possible to use the RSB-3720 instead for evaluation?