RSB-3720 BSP update roadmap

latest update of WOA on RSB-3720 is RSB3720A1AIM20WIV0007, in May 2023.
NXP is already at 1.5.0 version, released at December 2023, that introduce many fixes and a D3D9 GPU support.
Is there any update planned for Q1 2024?
Has Advantech any roadmap for the project WOA?

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Yes, we will release 1.5.0 at the end of this month.


Thank you.
While waiting this release, i’m trying the platform.

Have you already seen in latest release some graphical glitches in UWP and WinUI (D3D11 accelerated) applications?
For example in Windows settings, in theme color sections. Or you can use WinUI3 Gallery.

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