What does AIM-Linux means

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do you know what does the acronym “AIM-Linux” means ?


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Please refer the description for the AIM.
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AIM (Allied, Industrial and Modular) forms the core of Advantech’s Embedded Operation System Services for Linux and Android. AIM-Linux and AIM-Android were created to help our customers accelerate their software development on Arm-based platforms by providing a flexible and modular framework, targeting the foundations of industrial markets, and focusing on long-term BSP maintenance and longevity support. With AIM, Advantech provides you with a verified solid foundation (Unified Embedded Platforms) and industrial-focused value-added supports (App Add-Ons and SDKs) embedded Linux and Android that allow you to simply focus on your own vertical application development.


Thanks for this clear explanation.
I just found the website that shows all those info, I put it here :