Advantech RSB-3810 Powered by MediaTek Genio 1200 is Now Certified on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS [Source: Canonical Blog]

Source: Canonical Blog

Discover this new hardware solution designed for IoT and edge applications

Canonical has partnered with MediaTek to optimise Ubuntu for IoT innovations and announced the first Ubuntu images optimised for MediaTek’s Genio 1200 System on Chip (SoC) in 2023. The solution is designed to deliver AI innovation in diverse markets. Devices built on the MediaTek Genio platform with certified Ubuntu enjoy reliable and efficient over-the-air updates, enabling the next generation of secure, open and extensible IoT devices.

Today, MediaTek and Canonical are pleased to announce that Advantech, the leading industrial embedded AI solution provider, has released RSB-3810 2.5” Pico-ITX – the first Ubuntu Certified hardware running on MediaTek Genio 1200.

Powerful and efficient performance for IoT applications

MediaTek’s Genio 1200 chipset is at the core of the RSB-3810 and comes with a robust octa-core CPU configuration. It features 4 x premium Arm Cortex-A78 and 4 x Cortex-A55 processors, all integrated into an advanced 6nm-class chip. The result is exceptional power efficiency, with the RSB-3810 consuming a mere 8 watts while effortlessly handling compute-intensive workloads. To enable seamless on-device AI processing for deep learning, Neural Network (NN) acceleration, and machine vision applications, the Genio 1200 chipset incorporates a dedicated dual-core AI processing unit (APU). This specialised unit delivers an impressive 4.8 TOPS of performance, enhancing the RSB-3810’s capabilities in AI-driven tasks. By effectively offloading tasks from the host CPU, this intelligent architecture achieves an optimal balance between system performance and power consumption.

Seamless image processing with ultra-low latency transmission

The RSB-3810 offers camera input capabilities via 3 x MIPI-CSI and USB 3.0 ports, featuring an embedded starlight-grade ISP. This enables intelligent vision-based systems to operate effectively even in extremely low-light conditions. With the incorporation of the Mali-G57 chipset, the RSB-3810 supports H265 4K60 video capture and 4K90 image processing to accommodate a wide range of AI applications. Additionally, it facilitates multi-display setups with 1 x 4Kp60 HDMI, and 1 x dual channel LVDS.

In terms of connectivity, the RSB-3810 provides the necessary I/O interfaces for advanced network and peripheral connections, including 1 x M.2 3052 Key B, and 1 x M.2 2230 Key E Slot. This allows seamless integration with MediaTek’s 5G and Wi-Fi 6/BT networking modules. Furthermore, GbE TSN (Time-Sensitive Networking) is supported as an applicable protocol for efficient data transmission in monitoring systems and equipment. These features make the RSB-3810 an ideal solution for edge computing applications in industrial IoT and camera systems.

Ubuntu Certified RSB-3810 ensures reliability and reduces time to market

As one of the most popular open source operating systems in the world, security is always the top concern for commercial users. Through Canonical’s certification programme, the hardware can integrate seamlessly with Ubuntu and be carefully tested with stable release updates to ensure a reliable experience. This means that developers can focus on application development and reduce the product’s time to market.

Moreover, the Ubuntu certification is a long-term commitment to ensure that the latest security updates will be continuously tested on RSB-3810 in the Canonical lab. Developers and enterprises can benefit from an optimised Ubuntu experience on MediaTek Genio out of the box.

Upgrade to Ubuntu Pro for security maintenance and long-term compliance

Ubuntu Pro for Devices complements Canonical’s existing Ubuntu Certified Hardware programme, providing 10 years of security maintenance for Ubuntu and thousands of open source packages, such as Python, Docker, OpenJDK, OpenCV, MQTT, OpenSSL, Go, and Robot Operating System (ROS). The subscription also provides device management capabilities through Landscape, Canonical’s systems management tool. Advantech is one of the early original device manufacturer (ODM) partners that offers Ubuntu Pro through their platforms.

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