EPC-R3720 System Recovery

Please tell me about [5.1 System Recovery] in [EPC-R3720 User Manual_Ed1_Final_20221013]. I want to create a Recovery by SD Card, but where is iMX8MP_flash_tool.tgz? Or how do I create it?

HI Sir/Miss @S_K ,

Please let me know which Yocto version did you want to use ?
Because, we will follow the NXP release newest BSP , upgrade Yocto version for this product , so, we have different Yocto verion (kernel version), please refer the web site as below.
Plus,The EPC-R3720 was a box PC,and was installed Single Board (RSB-3720) in the case, so, the EPC-R3720 and RSB-3720 used the same OS image. Thank you.

Thank you for contacting us.
I am using yocto 4.0 (Kernel 5.15.52).
I would like to back up the current EPC-R3720 eMMC state.
Thank you in advance.

HI S_K ,

If you want to back up the current EPC-R3720 eMMC state , you can create a bootable SD Card , but you need to open the cover , switch the boot selection switch

SD card boot up selection

eMMC boot up selection

SD card image

Note : you can use " dd " command to flash image into SD card, and this SD card will be a bootable SD card.

Thank you for contacting us.
I understand that eMMC backups are performed using the dd command, but
is it not possible to create a Recovery-SD using the method described in [EPC-R3720 User Manual_Ed1_Final_20221013]-[5.1 System Recovery]?