[SOLVED] Install Linux on EPC-R3720

I have an EPC-R3720 with Windows 10. Is it possible to install Linux on it instead? I found your Yocto images for RSB-3720 but they don’t work on EPC-R3720.


Yes, it can install Yocto Linux on the EPC-R3720. The single board use is the RSB-3720 so it can reference the RSB-3720 user guide to flash Yocto Linux. Please check the RSB-3720 wiki user guide.
RSB-3720 user guide - ESS-WIKI (advantech.com.tw)

Thanks for your reply. I followed these instructions, but when I reboot in eMMC mode, the system doesn’t boot at all. I get the BIOS screen with the menu that says Device Manager, Boot Manager, Boot Maintenance Manager.

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Could you successfully to boot the Yocto Linux image from the SD card?

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if you can boot Yocto Linux from SD card, please input the command below to disable mmc bootpart for Win10 by “mmc bootpart enable 0 0 /dev/mmcblk2”

That worked! Thank you!