[EPC-R7200] What is the BSP image setup procedure?

I am trying to proceed with the setup of the EPC-R7200 with reference to the following site.
EPC-R7200 ユーザーガイド - ESS-ウィキ (advantech.com.tw)

The environment I am using is as follows.
Host PC
Ubuntu 18.04.6LTS
Nvidia SDK Manager 1.9.1
Memory 15.5GiB
GPU Gforce RTX 3050 Laptop

Target Board
Jetson Xavier NX 8GB

Carrier Board

I have a basic question, please tell me.
Where can I find the image files for the Linux Flash eMMC Method?
I also went to the following page and downloaded 2022-07-06.zip from DropBox but could not find the .tar.gz file.
IoTGateway/BSP/Linux/OS Support List Jetpack 4.5.1 L4T R32.5.1 - ESS-WIKI (advantech.com.tw)

Also, is it safe to do this with the target board connected during this process?

Thanks for reading to the end.



Please click the date “2022-07-06”.

And it will jump to dropbox folder.
From the BSP user guide, the Xavier NX SOC is 194.
Linux BSP User Guide for jetson series - ESS-WIKI (advantech.com.tw)

Please download nv_epcr7200_194_00003.tgz file.

Or you can download the image file from the link below.

Please follow the EPC-R7200 user guide to flash eMMC.
EPC-R7200 user guide - ESS-WIKI (advantech.com.tw)


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Hi Jems.

Your advice helped me get to the JetPack desktop.
Thanks for your help.