Problem in running Python Example installed using DAQNavi SDK

I am trying to run Python Example (AI_InstantAI) for Advantech card. This example got installed with installation of DAQNavi SDK. I am using Spyder IDE with Anaconda3. Python version 3.9. When I run example from IDE or command prompt I get error message "ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘Automation’ " .
How to solve it?

Or I have to install specific module in Python for Advantech cards?

There’re some of instruction,

  1. Is there any DAQ product series installed on their system?
  2. “ModuleNotFoundError” : This error is mean there’s no device found in system.
    Some of possible case:
    A. No DAQ product installed.
    B. The “deviceDescription” parameter doesn’t modify correctly in example.
    C. The DAQ device has been used with the other program/tools.

Firstly, I would recommend them check the “deviceDescription” in the example,

  1. The customer can reference below FAQ, you can find how to get description in page 5.

  2. Modify the “deviceDescription” parameter and then run the example again.

Note: user cannot run example without physical device in Linux system.