RSB-3720 A2 version with Ubuntu RTL8211 LAN image

Hi AIM community,

I’d like to have the Ubuntu 18.04 or newer version supporting RSB-3720 A2 with the RTL8211FS PHY.
On the wiki there is only the Yocto 3.0



Hi Chih-Chung_Hsieh
Please refer the WIKI and build code script in Advantech WIKI/Github. The information include how to do porting new kernel (in Yocto) and package ubuntu.


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Hi Clayder,

glad to talk to you !
Do you know if Advantech will provide a already built image Ubuntu rootfs image this new chip LAN ?
We have customer that doesn’t want to rebuild themselve the image…


Hi Chih Chung Hsieh

The new chip lan phy (RTL8211FS)driver is in Kernel. New version Kernel is compatible Lan Phy with AR8035 and RTL8211FS chip. You just only modify your kernel for your application.