[AIM-Linux Roadmap] 2022 H1

This page introduces the AIM-Linux roadmap and how we plan to build toward it in the next half year.

Main Features will be in the AIM-Linux V3.3:

1.Keep in Yocto 3.3 and BSP integrates with NXP L5.10.72 patches
2.New ARM chipset NXP LS1046A is supported
3.Android 11 and Debian 10 release with Rockchip platform


thank you for the update !

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Hi AIM team,

We got below request from customer :
Do you know if and when the 4.0 BSP of Yocto 4.0 will be released for ROM-5721 ? (as the one available 3.0 is 4 years old now and non LTS - 3.1 LTS is available and 4.0LTS as well)


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Yes, 3.5 is abandoned and will use 4.0 to replace it with the NXP i.MX8 platform.
Please kindly share the details of the customer with our product team.

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