AIM-Linux Software Roadmap Update

This page introduces the AIM-Linux roadmap and how we plan to build toward it in the next half year.

Main Features will be in the AIM-Linux V3.4:

1. Yocto 4.0 release with kernel 5.15
2. ROS2 Suite release for robotics application
3. Ubuntu 22.04 release with x86 platform
4. New ARM chipset RK3568 is supported


Dear AIM Team,

do you know if the Yocto 4.0 is available for the ROM-5721 if not when is it planned ?
currently on the wiki there is only the Yocto 3.0


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This part of the information is under construction.
We do have Yocto 4.0 for the ROM-5721, please contact our AE team directly.

Hi @charles.huang
Please update the roadmap.
The roadmap is behind schedule by four months from 2022/12E.

When will Yocto 4.0 be available on the RSB-3720?

We do have Yocto 4.0 ready for the ROM-5721. For other product requests, please contact our AE team directly to get instant support.

What is AE Team? How do I contact them directly?
Also, please update the planned release date on the roadmap.

We do have Yocto 4.0 ready for the ROM-5721.

Not yet : ROM-5721 - ESS-WIKI

@phill.liu will help with this.

thanks for reply


HI Sir ,

Thank for your response,
We have upated the Yocto 4.0 image for ROM-5721 to Dropbox. please download it and verify in your equipment. thank you.


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