Status of AIM-Linux for RSB-3720

Hello, @phill.liu

About this post : AIM-Linux Software Roadmap Update

When will Yocto 4.0 or Ubuntu 22.04 for RSB-3720 be activated?
I was directed by charles.huang to contact you.


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Above all ,Thanks for your patience and your inquiry about Yocto 4.0 for RSB-3720.
Due to the disparity between Yocto 3.3 and Yocto 4.0 techique, and our engineer is completely dedicated to conquer those integrate issues. Recently, we finally heard substantial progress from engineer team , they expects to release Yocto 4.0 for RSB-3720 by end of May. At the appointed time, we will release the Yocto 4.0 for RSB-3720 image and related information to you.


Thank you for the heads up.