Build ROS2 Foxy with Yocto kirkstone on RSB3720

I’ve been trying to find information on how to build ROS2 Foxy with Yocto kirkstone on RSB3720 for a project I’m working on.

I came across the repository at, but it seems like the commits only go up to hardknott.

Could you please provide guidance or point me to documentation on how to proceed with building for kirkstone from this repository?


It was a POC on Yocto Zeus BSP and has no plan on kirkstone BSP.
But you can try to copy the “meta-robot-platform” folder from Zeus BSP and modify “imx/meta-robot/conf/distro/layer.conf” for LAYERSERIES_COMPAT_imx-robot with kirkstone support.

I’ve resolved the issue on my own.
I successfully built an image where ROS2 operates and set up the cross-compilation environment.
I’m closing this topic. No reply necessary.