[EPC-R7200] How to trun ON/OFF programmable LED

Hello. EPC-R7200 has programmable LED on front panel, but I couldn’t find how to use it.
Command line tool would be good.

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The programmable LED is control by LED_GPIO(PCA6416_P1_4).
EPC-R7200-UIO - ESS-WIKI (advantech.com.tw)

Check the GPIO number assigning by the system:
Use jetson nano for an example:
sudo cat /sys/kernel/debug/gpio

It will get the gpio number from 496-511. Compare to PCA6416 P0_1/7~P1_1/7 pins as following.
496: P0_0
497: P0_1
498: P0_2
499: P0_3
500: P0_4
501: P0_5
502: P0_6
503: P0_7
504: P1_0
505: P1_1
506: P1_2
507: P1_3
508: P1_4(LED_GPIO)
509: P1_5
510: P1_6
511: P1_7

The LED_GPIO number for Jetson nano is 508. You can try to export it and set to high to enable the programmable LED.