Getting Started with RSB-3720

I am working with RSB-3720WQ platform. I want to do bare-metal coding first before jumping to linux. I found that NXP SDK builder does not have SDK for RSB-3720. I have downloaded the SDK for MIMX8ML8xxxKZ processor but the documentation provided with it is related to NXP’s EVK-MIMX8MP board. I am able to build the code, but I am stuck at code flashing stage.
Since the documentation is related to EVK-MIMX8MP, code flashing procedure given is board specific.
I am not sure how to download the code into the RSB3720 using serial download option.
Kindly help with the code flashing procedure for RSB-3720 board.

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Hi ~
Please reference Advantech wiki user guide for RSB-3720.
Advantech Yocto Linux for i.MX8:
AIMLinux/BSP/Linux - ESS-WIKI (
Yocto Linux BSP 3.0 (Version A) user guide:
Yocto Linux BSP Ver.A User Guide for iMX8 series - ESS-WIKI (


Hi @Malhar_Sapatnekar

NXP’s BSP is porting for NXP’s evaluation kit, so may be using different configuration comparing with our RSB-3720.
Based on NXP’s BSP, Advantech has done some modification and optimized it for our RSB-3720,
please kindly refer to the wiki user guide for RSB-3720 BSP download.
And if any further question, please feel free to let us know. Thank you~