ROM-5722 hardware force boot emmc

Dear Technical support team,

I’d like to know if it is possible to force the ROM-5722 to boot on EMMC.
With hardware modifications on the ROM, changing the pull up/ pull down resistors on the imx8 boot_mode signals and also remove the boot_sel signals logic.
If yes, could you share the list of resistors to change on the ROM ?

Chih-Chung HSIEH

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HI Chih-Chung_Hsieh,

You can refer our boot select (Module eMMC Flash ) ,and remove the Swtich component, design your boot select ( open or short )

Note: eMMC mode is 1 on , others off
In SOM-DB2510 schematic (Boot Select)

Hi Phill,

Thanks for the info, but on customer’s carrier board it is hard wired to boot on SD card.

They want withoug changing the carrier board to boot on emmc.

They found the eFuse configuration :

  • BOOT_MODE_FUSES = 0x02 (eMMC)


  • BT_FUSE_SEL = 1

that seems to be able to force the imx8 to boot on emmc.

But does it means that it won’t be able to change the boot methode once configured the eFuse ?

I see on the ROM-5722 schematic that there are logic gates and pull up/down from the boot_sel (SMARC interface) signal to boot_mode (imx8 pin), is it possible by modifying those to force the imx8 to boot on emmc ?


HI Chih-Chung_Hsieh ,

Thanks for your inquiry.
Regarding eFuse , we will not suggest customer to use that , beause , it only can use once configured.
if they have trouble when the system boot up or development process , it can not boot up other method such as SD card. but customer still can refer the method as below. thanks.

The eFuse setting for eMMC Boot up method

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