SMARC dev board

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I have a question regarding the SMARC dev board SOM-DB2510.
Do you know what are the differences between the RISC and x86 version of the SOM-DB2510 ?

if I have a SOM-DB2510-00A1 (x86) version, how can I set it to boot with ROM-5722 ?
and can we use a SOM-DB2510-R0A1 for a SOM-2532 for example ?


Hi @Chih-Chung_Hsieh

SOM-DB2510-00A1 (X86) and SOM-DB2510-R0A1 (RISC) are having some slightly different default jumper settings. You can find detail comparison as the attached.
But one important thing to boot ROM-5722 on a SOM-DB2510 is prioritizing the use of a DCIN1 DC jack connector, instead of ATX1 power.

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SOM-DB2510-R0A1(RISC) & SOM-DB2510-00A1(X86).pdf (451.3 KB)

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Hi Chihchung,

There is information on the DB2510 RISC version:

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