Technical Support Request for UNO-148 Device: Difficulty with Linux GPIO Mapping on Ubuntu 22.04

Hello, I need technical support regarding the UNO-148 device. To summarize the support issue;

In the technical document of the device, under the heading Manual for UNO-148 > 2.2.10 Digital Inputs and Outputs, there is DIO and Linux GPIO mapping information.

I examined the ‘How to use Linux GPIO and GPIO mapping’ document from the FAQ in order to set up this configuration. The Linux GPIO addresses corresponding to Digital Input and Outputs, and how the configuration should be made, are transferred via the Linux default sysFs. It might be possible to run with Ubuntu 18.04 with these configurations and directions, but;

I am using Ubuntu 22.04 on the device. Instead of sysFs, I need to proceed with a character device at the kernel level (sysfs deprecated on the new kernel). At this point, when I list the addresses of the GPIO chip using gpioinfo command, I can list 360 Linux GPIOs between 0-359, but the addresses defined by the document are:
For Digital Inputs between 424-431
For Digital Outputs between 314-330

Therefore, I am unable to establish the mapping.

Can you assist me with technical support and guidance on the issue I have summarized?

Thank you for your interest, I wish you good work.

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Hello Dear Hayati,

Please you can refer to the below link regarding the GPIO mapping under Ubuntu22.04.
For UNO-148 we stated how to establish the GPIO mapping at section 5.4, page 38, AdvLinuxTU User Manual V3.0.

Thank you!

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