Codesys Installation

This is regarding RSB-4221 board which supports Linux Kernel 3.2.0 or other Boards which supports Yocto Linux. We want to use Codesys software. The installation file for this software is having .deb extension which requires Debian package installer in the Linux OS.
We know that the boards which are having Debian OS will have no issue for the installation of this Codesys software. But we are not sure whether it can be installed on other boards which are having Yocto Linux or Linux Kernel 3.2.0
One more thing I need to inform here that we have already installed the Codesys software on Raspberry pi4 board on which “Ubuntu Desktop 22.04.1 LTS” OS (available at raspberry website) was installed, which means their ubuntu OS contains Debian package installer by default.
Looking forward reply on this topic so that we can finalize Single Board Computer for our Codesys application.

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HI Mr. / Miss ,

Thank you for your inquiry,
We need to cleaify some questions as below:

  1. What panel size did you use on RSB-4221 ?
  2. Did you know which kernel version range or Ubuntu version support Codesys ?

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Please refer to the screen shot attached from Codesys website for the System requirement details. We have tested it on iMX6 processor from Toradex (Armstrong based Linux which is now obsolete) 5 years back. We have also tested it on Raspberry pi4 with their standard Raspbian OS and their Ubuntu OS both. But when we tried to install the Codesys on any Linux OS including Torizon OS from Toradex, in which Debian package manager is not available we found that Codesys couldn’t get installed.
From this exercise we came to know that Debian package manager should be there in the Linux OS.
The Codesys installation file have .deb extension…

Ubuntu is officially not supported from Codesys. But on the ubuntu OS available on raspberry website for their pi4 board, we have tested the Codesys and it is working on that…

HI Mr./Miss ,

Thank you for your inquiry.
For codesys installation,we did not have any experience onto codesys before. But we can provide the Ubuntu 16.04 image for RSB-4221 to you.
Althought our Ubuntu version is not as new as the version “Ubuntu Desktop 22.04.1 LTS” on Raspberry pi4 board, it still provides the similar development environment on the Raspberry pi4. Relatively,you can install codesys on our board easier compared with the environment based on Yocto OS.

Ubuntu 16.04 image for RSB-4221:

We still haven’t purchase any board and would like to select correct one for our application. Since it would be a regular requirement, we would like to select correct board that should be cost effective also. I have found few boards which supports Debian OS and that is perfect for our CodeSys installation, but those are out of our budget. As I told you earlier that Ubuntu is not officially supported by CodeSys, we will purchase RSB-4221 only if we get confirmation that .deb extension package can be installed on this board with your suggested OS.
From your reply it is still not clear weather the OS you have shared contains Debian package manager or not, and since we don’t have the boards yet, we cannot test it…

Hi @JSH_Technologies,

Thank you for considering our products. Would you mind we arrange a local sale to contact with you direclty and give you an overall product offerings. Thx


It would be great, but instead of sales person; if tech team member can contact, that would be better. I am already in touch with sales guy… but the question I have raised here couldn’t be answered by them…

@JSH_Technologies .
Sure, your requirements listed here is in very clear. Our local Sales and FAE team can support you on product spec, software and test samples.
@shilun_lo will help to arrange it.

It would be great if we can get a test sample. By this all the queries get resolved and we can proceed for ordering…

Yes, that’s exactly what I was thinking. Getting a sample and testing is the only way to move forward, just like you done on pi4.

Sure. I am waiting for some from your team to contact us.

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Dear Team Advantech,
We are waiting for your support on sample for testing…