RSB-4810 debug terminal

I’m working on updating android on RSB-4810 board. I’ve installed RKDevTool and Driver Assistant packages on my PC (Windows) and I’m able to connect my PC with the board and see my device as Maskrom device in RKDevTool.

Following these instructions I need to:

“4. Power on the RSB-4810 and press “Ctrl+c” in the debug terminal to stop at u-boot”.

How do I enter the “debug terminal”? Do I need to install some additional software? Will that debug terminal connect to the RSB-4810 board via the same USB cable that RKDevTool is using? Please provide instructions how to achieve this step.

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Please prepare the debug cable.

And use Hyper terminal, Tera Term or Putty to communicate with the RSB-4810 through debug port.
RSB-4810_User_Manual_ed.1.FINAL.pdf (

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Hi Jems Cheng.

Thanks for your reply.

Coud you please provide a pin schema for the debug port, similar to the below schema from

Also could you please provide a connector name / type for the debug port, I can’t recognise it.


We will update this information to user guide. Please reference the debug connector below first.

Hi Jems Cheng

After your last advice I was able to connect the board with my PC using the debug cable. But in order to do so I had to connect pins 2 and 3 on J1, not 1 & 2 as stated in “Short pin 12 and power on the RSB-4810 to enter MASKROM mode. Change back to pin 23 before click “Run” to flash image”

Now I’m getting an error in step 8: “MiliLoaderAll is not existed, stop running!”. I’ve downloaded RKDevTool from AIM-Linux/BSP/RK/Linux Android OS Release note/Android12/Internal - ESS-WIKI, tag RK3568_S12_AIV12001.xml.

Please advice what should i do.
Also please advice if I need to switch J1 back to pins 1 & 2 before flashing image, or should it stay on pins 2 & 3.

Please reference here to connect a debug cable and install Hyper terminal, Tera Term or Putty to connect to the debug port of the RSB-4810.

Hi Jems_Cheng

I did connect to the board using debug cable and Putty and was able to reboot to MASKROM mode using rbrom command:

I have an issue with the step 8 of the procedure, where I’m getting the error I’ve described in my previous post. Please advice how I can fix this problem.

The J4 should change to pin1&2.

Check the screenshot the RKDevTool are not select the correct the image file path.
Please click the latest frame on each image file and select correct files and images.

Here is an Image files path on my system for reference:

Alternatively, please download and repleace the RKDevTool_Release_v2.84 from the link below. It has added the path into the RKDevTool.